What’s the most powerful way to tell your story?

I’m a freelance videographer (so I’m biased) but video now has more impact than you ever imagined. Over 80% of all content viewed online by 2022 will be video content.

The goal is to create beautifully simple videos that you feel a real connection to. The kind of videos that make you want to lean forward in your chair.

Kind of like this… Cue the Showreel.

Enjoy that? You can watch more on my Vimeo

Are We The Right Match?

Introduce Yourself.

    Cool. Want to know more?

    I’m Owen, it’s nice to meet you.

    I’m a freelance videographer and editor. I’ve worked closely with small to medium-sized businesses like Mountain Goat Beer and Hireup, helping them connect better with their audiences in 2021 using the power of video.

    Here’s some things I can do…


    Capturing meaningful moments.

    I’ve been filming and taking photographs for well over 10 years. I thrive on being able to capture moments in the best light possible. Using lightweight professional equipment allows me to film anywhere, from a corporate event in London to a kayaking expedition in the Himalayas. (Did you watch my showreel?)


    Crafting the story you want.

    Once you have all the pieces – that’s just the start – now the real work begins. Editing gives some flexibility in storytelling. Should your video be fast or slow in pace, long or short in length, high or low in energy? I can guide you to the best final edit that fits your video’s story and purpose.


    Big Message. Small Video.

    Not all videos and films are for big screens, in 2021 it’s quite the opposite. We all now watch the majority of video content on our phones, so making videos that work for mobile is key – for example, vertical videos on Instagram. You have to meet your audience mid-scroll.

    Owen Fisher Freelance Videographer Editor UK

    Still Scrolling?

    I do more than just video...

    Or you can contact me.